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So I'm one of those relatively rare birds who loves both sports and gaming. Note: loves. It's not just that I don't mind watching a game if someone else wants to watch one; I'm passionate about them. I was up till 3 AM last year around this time when my Celtics won the NBA Finals before I could finally fall asleep.

Am I a rare enough bird so that there'll never be an RPG with a heavy sports component? I guess pro wrestling is the one exception, but pro wrestling isn't a sport per se. There happens to be enough serious pro wrestling fans among the ranks of RPG creators that every now and again, someone pumps one out... I actually wrote part of the wrestling sourcebook for Eden's All Flesh Must Be Eaten. But that's apparently the exception.

And what would a sports RPG look like, anyhow?

Date: 2009-05-17 05:59 am (UTC)
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Sports in RPGs; well...

1) You'd presumably want these to be largely team sports to keep all players involved.

2) I figure you'd either want to go really rules light - just a few rolls to target and hit goals or block opponents while building a batch of suspense, because the game just frames chunks of the larger story (murder at the chariot races, double-cross and escape during the archery competition, etc.). Or go really tactical, really map heavy, since movement and blocking opponents' movement or passes are the big components of most team sports, pure wargaming at that point.

3) You'd probably want to throw in some sort of morale-type check for spectators and fans depending on score or arbitrarily halfway through the game, which would give each team a small bonus or penalty.

Dunno about heavy sports component but I think there's always going to be some. But I also think many average gamers got soured on sports thanks to American public school systems, and as a result hate the idea, even though team sports are definitely in the realm of "things to totally geek out over."


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