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Dang, it's been quiet here.

OK, I edit a 'zine called RPG Review. It's a labour of love, non-professional, and all depends on RPG fans submitting things to get published. I would like you to read, subscribe (it's free) and submit an article or two. Because it's actually a enjoyable activity to participate in and - unlike an Internet forum - there is a sense of it being a permanent document - which I think is a key difference between 'zines and forums.

The Seventh Issue has been released. It is a Horror genre special with an interview with Russell Bailey, co-author of a number of White Wolf games in recent years. Also included an overview of fear, horror and madness in various game systems (Call of Cthulhu, Chill, GURPS, Kult, Little Fears, Trail of Cthulhu), a My Life With Master scenario, a Rolemaster/SpaceMaster story. In addition there's designer's notes for a teaching RPG, a fantasy NPC halfling who is fond of rabbits. Minsghi provides the industry news and Andrew Moshos reviews Avatar. Jensen provides artwork and Steve Saunders helps out our Lord Orcus.


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