Feb. 23rd, 2016

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I’m running a game set in the Victorian era, and have come up with a new way to construct a whole crowd of NPCs for background flavour. (None of them are directly involved in the plot as yet, but they’re the people the PCs are most likely to interact with, and their stories might collide sometime soon.)

Firstly – it’s the Victorian era, so they’ve got lower class, middle class, and upper class people.

For each class, there are two people who are actively benevolent. Let’s call them B1 (mildly benevolent) and B2 (intentionally benevolent).
There are another two people who are actively malevolent: M1 (mildly malevolent) and M2 (intentionally malevolent).
Then there are another four who are primarily self-interested. They are each driven by a different desire: love, money, fun, and safety.

So, wherever the PCs are, I know that I’ve got eight ready-made templates they could interact with, and I have a pretty good idea how each templates is likely to react to what the PCs do.

…and then I just fill in the details.


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