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The rules: Every Monday, I pick a piece of popular media -- a book, a movie, a TV show, or even an album. You pick a roleplaying world and talk about how you'd combine the two. Post on your blog or LiveJournal, and stick a pointer to your post in the comments here; if you don't have a blog, then go ahead and abuse my comments section for your own pleasure.

Our Monday Mashup for this week is Fringe, the television home of bad science and fun characterization. Remember, kids, always cultivate vaccines in your own spinal fluid!

Spoilers for the show may follow.

I'd mash this up with D&D 4e. You can keep the dimensional invaders more or less intact. I'd use the Far Realms as the source of the invasion -- that seems to have the proper aspect of weirdness and terror to it.

I think I'd keep the science as science, however, rather than making it a new flavor of magic. Science is very dissonant in the D&D world, which is the effect I'd want. I have a couple of very rough ideas for a Science power source for 4e, which could be fleshed out for one or two PCs. Walter is clearly a full-blown Scientist of some sort. Olivia is probably spending feats to multi-class into Science? Or she might work well with the Psychic power source.

Keep the official background, keep the university. Olivia, Walter, Astrid, and Peter are the PCs. Add Charlie if you need a fifth.


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