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In the interests of getting some discussion going on this community...

What are your thoughts on diceless roleplaying games? A good idea, a bad one?

Amber Diceless and Everway are two of the more common diceless games, but there are more than a few others out there.

If you're not familiar with them, diceless games tend to rely mechanically on comparing your stats to the difficulty or enemy directly; other than situational modifiers, there's no roll involved. Some dicless games do involve a randomizer of some kind, like Everway's Fate deck (basically a deck of tarot-style cards the GM interprets), but others use a 'currency' system, where you can spend a few Karma Points or similar to boost your abilities temporarily.

All this tends towards a much more descriptive game; both the players and the GM have to be willing to talk things out a lot more than in, say, D&D. It can be very tactical in some ways, as you still maneuver for the advantage in each situation, but it's a step further away from miniatures wargames and closer to group storytelling.

So... have you ever played anything like that? Would you, given the chance?

Blessed be,
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