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Created on 2009-05-03 20:04:27 (#256010), last updated 2016-05-05 (47 weeks ago)

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Name:Tabletop Roleplaying
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Community description:Tabletop roleplaying
A community for fans of tabletop games. Any and all are welcome. The interests list is incomplete, of course -- what would you like to see there?


Feel free to post an intro post if you like. It's not required.

Don't be a jerk. I assume that you're capable of figuring out the definition of jerk on your own. If you aren't, you're in the wrong place.

Do talk about why you love your favorite games.

Don't talk about why some games suck; talk about why you don't like them.

Do consider the difference between those two things.

Hm, that'll probably do. Game on.

Interests (51):

4e, atlas games, call of cthulhu, d&d, d20, d6, dark heresy, dungeon masters, dungeonmasters, fantasy flight games, feng shui, game masters, gamemasters, gary gygax, godlike, green ronin, gurps, hackmaster, hero system, indie rpgs, jonathan tweet, l5r, legend of the five rings, mongoose, mutants and masterminds, my life with master, over the edge, palladium, paranoia, pen and paper, reign, rifts, robin laws, roleplaying, rpg, rpgs, seven seas, shadowrun, sorceror, starchildren, steve jackson, story games, tabletop, the forge, the mountain witch, torg, traveller, true 20, unknown armies, warhammer frpg, wotc
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